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Happy Canada Day. Today is Canada Day. I spent the day relaxing in the house. Went for an hour bike ride. Came back. Washed two cars and my bike. My chain was filled with grime. Nasty.

I made a video of my bike setup but my camera does not record audio. Nuts!

This Sun, I will be doing Half Ironman Peterborough. In an Half Ironman, I am suppose to have a 14 day taper. It was a mix for me. Last month, training hasn’t been consistent. Today I wasn’t riding hard. Just easy on the bike and a good run afterwards.

On Sat, I did some bike repeats at Mt Nemo. It ain’t a steep climb. 4% grade for about 1 mile or so.

At first I wasn’t sure how much I can do. I figure 6 would be fine. Then I asked myself, why not do 8? As I was doing my 7th set, I told myself why not round it up and do it up to 10?

And so I did. Up and down I go. 6..8..10.

When I train, my body tended to whine in the beginning. By the 9th set, I was feeling pretty good.

Well not that good, I think I pull my neck muscle from riding or swimming. As after the repeats, I found my neck is hurting whenever I tilt up. It became to a point where I would wake up from sleeping if my neck is in a certain position. After a few days, today I am feeling much better.

I am going to find another camera and make a little video of my bike or something :). As readers, I think you might be tired of reading bad grammar all the time :).

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