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Yesterday I had the privilege, honor and the joy of being a part of my best friend’s wedding.  I know Daniel since Grade 9.  I can still remember the first time I met him.  We were in math class and we stay in a group of four.  That’s when I first met Daniel. We started to hang out more and more as we had same classes.  We were always joking and chatting.  Though he was smart and always get better grades despite the joking around. 🙂

We lost touch in University.  We started hanging out with one another after graduation and I started to go to church.  He was a Christian too.   Looking the past few years, we grew up spiritually and matured on many different aspects. I still remembered when a relationship went sour and I called him up and we sat in his car while I rave and rant and…ramble…ramble a lot… (yes, guys get emo too!).

Of all the features I admired about Daniel, it is his calmness.  For me, I stress and get emotion high very easily.  Daniel, on the other hand, I never seen him get mad or angry.  As we both serve in leadership role in each of our church, we bounced a lot of ideas and had many good fellowship about life, work, relationships and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Yesterday brought back a lot of memories.  He is one of the closest persons I know that got married.  It was awesome. I am joyful for him and the bride as I know both of them very well.

One of our favorite movies were Top Gun.  We watched the movie so many times we could recite every cheesy pickup lines coming out of Tom Cruise’s mouth. I once joked we should re-enact one scene from Top Gun for his wedding.

This was the scene I was referring to:

During the reception, I thought it would be a great idea to sing that song. This is what happened afterwards…

Spontaneously good..spontaneously fun….

Haha….I am so happy for them.  🙂

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