It is ok to fail. it is not ok to Quit.


As I am working on my thesis for my M Div, I started to think about being a father. One thing that dawned on my mind when I first step into fatherhood, especially when it comes to discipling our children, is that I realized I couldn’t do it. Or I don’t think I can.

I am never good with children. It is too difficult. How can I share God’s love, speak the truth and help them realize they themselves need a Saviour? How can I speak in a way they understand?

And there are many times when I “fail”. There are times when I prepare a simple devotion for my kiddies, and my 4.5-year-old runs around the room as I shared. There are times when they don’t get it. Ok, my little one, just turned to toddler, will not get it. But what about the older one?

How can I be more creative? More fun? More interactive?

I realized that it is ok to fail. It is ok to “fail” leading family worship. It is ok to “fail” leading a devotion. It is ok to “fail” or stumbles to teach about spiritual truths.

But it is not okay to quit.

The stakes are too high. I love our kids. They didn’t mind when I failed. I don’t think you should blame me for this. It is ok to try another day.

Perhaps this is how God views us. Sometimes we try, and we do fail and keep sinning. It doesn’t mean we should quit trying to stop sinning. Rather, we get up, repent and try again.

One day, I will nail that devotion with my kids. Or I will lead family worship that I can still the kids get it.

That day will come as long as I don’t quit.

By Cliff

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