A life of outreach? Or an outreach life?


Sometimes I wonder what if I consider every day night as an outreach event.

Going to the YMCA to do a few miles repeat. Outreach event.
Going to work. Outreach event.
Going to Moe’s to pick up a burrito. Outreach event.
I think sometimes when we think about outreach, we have to spend a lot of time and effort to prepare. Say print gospel tracts. Get this and that. It is almost like we have to switch mode.
I ain’t to putting down on outreach event. I am just wondering. Let say my church does 2-3 Outreach event a year. What if we ‘decentralize’ and outreach everywhere and everyday? So instead of having 2-3 Outreach events a year, we can in theory have 365 mini outreach events a year.
To some, this might sound odd. To some (those who are missional) this might sound, ‘duh..this is what you are suppose to do
Sometimes it is worthwhile for church to focus on outreach events.
Tonight at the YMCA while I was taking a shower (note: it might be graphical 😛 but I just did a few miles repeat and I was drenched in sweat….I am sure my fellowship whom I attended afterwards glad I took a shower).
I was thinking about this? Is my church training the people to outreach on their own? Or are we training our people to be good at preparing events that outreach others? Are my church members equip to outreach/evangelism/share the gospel?
As I was thinking, one of the guy in the shower was chatting up on finding cheap places to park in downtown. I overheard and told him to park at Ryerson. We met up later in the locker room and talked some more. I got his name. He told me he comes to the Y regularly. Great. Me too. Next time I am going to ask him to come to my church’s Xmas lunch.
Why think about outreach when I can be outreaching every day (and night).
By Cliff

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