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Lighten Your Load

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A vivid dream from last night…

I was in my highschool and I was cleaning up my locker.  The locker was shared with someone else.  While I was going which things I needed to pack, I noticed there were a large amount of Singaporean dollars.  Since we were in Canada and my locker partner had no use of Singapore dollars, I took it with me.  I put all my things in my bag.  I had a race tomorrow and the weather would be cold.  I was figuring out what type of running gears I should wear.  Should I wear a short sleeve technical shirt with a long sleeve over?  I was trying on a piece of clothing but it was too tight! 

The school bus was leaving in a few minutes.  But my bag was too heavy for me to get to the school bus on time.  My alternative was taking public transport. It was would take a long time to get back home….

…and then I woke up.

This morning as I was praying for God to discern this dream, three words popped in my head.


…last night, my wife was praying for me that she felt I was carried expectations from others on my shoulders. I needed to let go and focus on seeking God’s approval instead.
And so now with more prayer to seek Him.  And to find ways to lighten my load.

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