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Money Matter: Questions

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I am taking a course at McMaster Divinity. The course is Christian Ethics: Money, Sex and Power.

For one of the paper, we have to write a situation (relate to ethics) in which we personally experience. I have been reading The Challenge of the Disciplined Life by Richard Foster. When there is a book I enjoy to read, I tend to go through it very quickly.

Two nights of reading and I have gone through 60+ pages. Richard first discussed the light and dark side of money.

I decided to discuss money for my paper. This blog will be where I bounce and polish my ideas and understanding.

In the gospels, Jesus made many reference of money (Matthew 6:19-24, Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 16:1-15). It is interesting this is possibly the least topic discuss at church. Some might think this is too personal or inappropriate for Kingdom living. For me, for the past few months I have been discerning and consciously aware of how I think about and spend the money that I was blessed.

On the way to work today, there were a lot of questions regarding money surfaced in my head.

Yesterday, a speaker at my company’s convention shared that a machinist charged $50,000 dollars for 15 minutes of work. The story is to show that it is things of value not the time invested in that’s important. Is that right?

Where do Christian stand in the view of gambling? Especially poker when it is hugely affluent in today’s culture?

How do one view today’s consumeristic mentally? The need to get more and better? How should a Christian view on spending on entertainment?

Is there a need to discipline on one’s spending? Is financial a personal and private matter? If it is, how can one discern how’s one’s dealing with money is in align with God’s Will?

What do Christian do in looking for deals? For example, is it ok to not declare items purchased through customs?

What about investment (stocks, mutual funds, RRSP, businesses)? Retirement fund?

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