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My King is moving

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Today I attended BASIC Toronto’s Conference call Heart Matters in the City. It is a youth worship conference to rally them to love the city as Jesus would.

Through the worship, all I can think about is Open Door and Mississauga.
I was listening to Reggie McNeal the other day. He was talking about the King is on the move and the church in AD 30 was trying to catch up.
Sometimes, when I sit still, I can tell you the King is moving. In quietness I can almost feel the Kingdom of God is coming down.
And I am move with different emotions. I am joyful because I can partake in seeing the Kingdom coming down. Jesus once said the sick will be heal and the lame can walk. I am joyful for my King who is mercy and full of love will rescue and free the oppress. And I cried to think of the many people who are in my city who have nothing but hope coming to Canada and struggling to make ends meet. I cried because of all the wealth we have, we are lonely. We still have people who are living on marginlize means. And I am angry. Sometimes I don’t understand the gap between rich and poor are so wide. I don’t understand why there is so much poverty. And sometimes how I am much weak and helpless in changing anything.
And beyond my weakness, I yearn for Christ to come. I desire Him to move among us. I want to experience the Kingdom coming down. I want others to feel the persence of the Kingdom. There is no greater joy then when the poor and the weary find rest upon our Lord. The mustard seed. The yeast in the dough. To be the guy who sell everything for the pearl.
Recently , I am reminded of the contract I signed with God. Let’s go deep. Love our neighbours. Go crazy. For there is much at stake and my King is moving. So I better start following.

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