Plan but don’t depend on the plan


Lately, as I journey life with younger Christians, I tell them to plan but don’t depend so much on the plan.

Whether it is finding a relationship, getting married, or having kids, finding the right job or making more money, it is easy to assume that we got these things will make us happier, safer, or more satisfied. So what do we do? We plan and see how we can get these things.

The reality is that we don’t know what the future holds, and our plan will have results not what we expected.

It is an idol when our plan doesn’t have God in it, or we don’t surrender our plan to God. It is why the man who built the bigger barn is called foolish. He thought because of his riches, and God was not in the picture, his life was all set.

It is not wrong to plan. But we must hold on to our plan loosely, surrender it to God and let Him be the one who guides us.

By Cliff

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