Priorities in a Christ-Centered Relationship


If you are a regular to Church, or perhaps you are part of a fellowship, you will often hear the message that we ought to put Christ first in our lives.

And sometimes we ask that ourselves, how am I doing that in my life?

And sometimes we think it is an impossible ideal.  What God ask for, to give up our lives, deny ourselves, sell our stuff and follow Him is impossible.  Worst, it is IMPRACTICAL.  Foolish thing to do.

And sometimes there’s that tension.  I want to live for Christ.  But I got this to do next week.  I have to do that next month.  Well, in the end if I live a good life, take care of myself and do some good, then that will make me a good Christian.

And sometimes we choose to ignore that tension.  Yes, we should live our lives for Christ.  But I got this big project next week.  Or I have bills to pay.  And so we choose the our lives problems and focus on those first.

And sometimes we place our agendas as God’s agendas.

And sometimes we give up our agendas and wait for His.

Agendas and priorities.

Perhaps that’s what on my mind.  Where’s my priority? Or more importantly, what’s His Priority?

You need to get a ring.  You need to set a date.  You need to work out your finances.  You need to need to…you need to….

I was joking with her as we were setting down a date.  Let it be October 13.  In Cantonese, the pronunciation of thirteen also means ‘must give birth’ or ‘must live’.  It is considered to be a lucky number because it symbolize birth and life.

As I was thinking about this, I realized I had a bigger concern.  Where do God wants us to go? How the future will be like? What’s the ministries we will be doing?  How will we support one another?

But really, the one question is where God wants us to go?

That should be the priority that override all the other priorities.

So we pray about this now. The date, though, it is important.  And it is inconvenience for those who want to come and not sure when is secondary. I do not have one.  I know we will get marry. It is not a matter of when but when is His timing.

The focus is to seek Him.  To put Him first.  Where does He wants us to go? Stay in Asia? Stay in Africa?

And though we might not know when we will get marry. We have much peace to know that He is in charge.

By Cliff

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