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Religion – Why can’t we get along

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Religion..why can’t we all get along??

Jenny invited me to her church on Sunday. For the past 3-4 Sundays, I promised her I would go. However, I always wake up late.  This Sunday, however, I actually got up on time. She was the who sleep in. Hehe I woke her up when I called her for direction.

She is a Christian and me, being a Catholic, notice that the ritual during the mass is quite different. Overall, I can say I have a pleasant experience. I haven’t gone to mass for at least a year.

I found it very interesting comparing to my group of non Catholic friends when it comes to religion. They would be asking a lot of questions. In a sense, asking why this is like this and why that like that. Or why church let bad things happen to people and so on. Now thinking back to the bus ride on the way home with Jenny, she asked me why Catholic had to confess to a father.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why we, human beings, always try to look for things that are difference as oppose to why don’t we look for similar things. Instead of asking why Catholic and Christian are different, why not ask, “How are they similar?” or “What do they have in common?’

Instead of judging religion as negative, why not ask what religion has done that is positive.

The idea is co-exists. There are so many different type of people and different beliefs and groups. I ain’t here to critize which belief is right or wrong. I do believe that to co-exist, we have to find a commonality between all of us.

The primary reason for me going back to church is I enjoy volunteering. I do agree that religion is not the only organization that volunteers. But Catholism does encourage giving a hand and help the needy.

I haven’t even focus on the spiritual side of religion (which is the major emphasis). As for me, my path to search for my spiritual belief is just started.

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