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Seek first

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Back in Dec 25, 2007, I signed a contract with God that I will seek Him first in everything that I do. Some where in the contract I stated that the Lord is good and He will provide.

Recently, my heart was heavy with things about the future. And this worry was bothering me more so than before. I want to take my own actions and want to follow my desire.
I was speaking with a brother last night and he mentioned I should first pray first and see what God has to say.
Right…seek Him first.
And last night, I opened up my desire and ask God for an answer….more praying and quiet time.
And He will answer…for now, I seek.
Despite my un-easiness (and there is a-o-plenty), there is also a sense of calmness. For my God is a God that provides and can be trusted….

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