Something’s missing


I have been in numerous conversations with other brothers and sisters in Christ. With my random thoughts, everything under sun is discussed and ideas bounce around.

Talk about relationships, fellowship (fellowship…and more fellowship), Bible study, theology, programs…

I feel there is something missing. I can’t put my hands on it but I can feel there is something lacking.

When I discuss edifying each other and at the same time lack the sensitivity to help others, there is something missing.

When I talk about encourage others to grow toward Christ and my action is gear towards a list of, ‘you can’t do this. You can’t do that’, something’s missing.

When I talk about living a Christian lifestyle, yet I am not transform by such lifestyle and not repent of my sin, something’s missing.

When I encourage others to sin without a care of the consequence and gently put the blame on other factors and put on a ‘it’s not my fault. Everyone’s doing it. I’ve done my part,’ Something’s missing.

The question of, ‘where’s God in this….’ become ever a clear sign where my direction need to be.

On a personal side note, I need to be more aware of what goes out of my mouth. I notice when I talk about third party without them being there, it can quickly become godless chatter (gossip). If those conversations lack God in it…I better keep my mouth shut.


  • the theme of your post…is ‘talk’, ‘discuss’..etc.
    i believe the thing that is missing is not just something that is missing, but perhaps the wrong spin is placed. perhaps… it is time to stop talking and just be.

By Cliff

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