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A Lesson on Obeying Godly Authority

This week is the first week our Bible School is starting classes for 2015.  It is a joy to see some new faces and old faces (from last year’s class). Wai Jia and I spent a considerable time this week teaching on leadership and what it means to be a good ministers.  The students attending […]

God the Restorer – Jeremiah 32

I am currently taking a course, Know Your Bible. One of the assignments is to write a five page paper on two of the Major Prophets. After writing so many papers from University, you would think I can handle a five page essay easy peasy.  It wasn’t.  I chose Isaiah and Jeremiah because I desired to know more […]

Encouragement: See what He sees

[Email sent to my fellowship this morning] Hi everyone, In light of what’s going on in church and what we talked about last night… This morning I came across this blog post which i found rather encouraging… The post was notes taken from a discussion in the Old Testament… http://timchester.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/no-standstill-when-god-shows-you-reality/ Zechariah pulls back the curtain […]

Thoughts: Leadership, Moses….

Just putting some thoughts that have been on my mind lately. A few years ago when I was leading fellowship, there was a argument between two groups. Things were said and feelings were hurt. I cried to my pastor for help. We had a talk among everyone. Well…both group left the church. I cannot say […]