Encouragement: See what He sees

[Email sent to my fellowship this morning]
Hi everyone,
In light of what’s going on in church and what we talked about last night…
This morning I came across this blog post which i found rather encouraging…
The post was notes taken from a discussion in the Old Testament…
Zechariah pulls back the curtain so that God’s people could see with his word what they could not see with their eyes

It would be reason enough to continue if all you see in a lifetime of ministry is one living stone because that living stone is a witness to the reality of God in the world and to the reality of his coming. This ought to be enough to get us temple-builders up in the morning.

Our view of God’s kingdom can become blinkered by what is going on in our patch. We can imagine that the church is in decline. We talk of living in a post-Christian era. This is de-motivating. We take on a bunker mentality.

We need to get excited about being part of God’s huge, worldwide project. Even if our part is slow-going, it is a privilege to be part of what God is doing.

There can be no standstill when God shows you reality. But we must let God’s word show us reality.

Hopefully you not only see what I see…but you see what HE sees 😀

[I need to go back to OT and rediscover what Hope that our Lord promises :)]
By Cliff

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