Lately, I had been feeling disheartened…..

I wish I can be more encouraging but I ain’t.

Tonight I was planning on going to visit a kids’ fellowship.  They are having a BBQ.

Instead I stayed home.  A night of not running around.  Not trying to get stuff done.

Lord, can I lean on you…I longed for the days when I can run.  Run wild and run free. When my feet are not tired nor  weary…..

When I went to Australia last year, I went to a spot called the Fraser Island.  It is a 120 km long island made of sand.  These are pictures taken during a three day tour.

A stream flowing out of the island.  Water so clear and clean you can drink out of it.
May I rest in your dwelling place.  Your stream is refreshing and restoring to my soul.  
By Cliff

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