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A turning point.

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I posted this on Running Room forum. I am more positive that I can make the 42 km run. 🙂 Let’s the training begin. I just map out a 15 km route around my area. It goes down Credit River and goes to Dundas and back up. Will give it a try today after work.

On Sunday I did a 30 km run. That is the furthest I have ever gone. That almost kill me. My legs were sore for the past two days. Also, the fact that I wasn’t drinking enough during the run made it worst for my body.

Normally after a long run, I would feel tired but feel great. This Sunday, it was worst. I had a lot of negative thoughts. I was feeling terrible.

I start to think how on earth am I going to train for a marathon (Oct 16). If I can’t even handle 30 km, there is no way I can run 12 more km.

I look at my training schedule and realize a few things. My current base level is around 20-25 km. Now a 5-10 more km for my base doesn’t seem all that bad. My goal is to train in 5 weeks to get it up to 30-35 km. That will give me 2 weeks to taper before the marathon. I figure if I can handle 35 km, 42 km is just 7 more km.

Now I am feeling much more confident. All I need now is to train hard and drink.

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