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Deep down in your heart….

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An interesting conversation tonight at Tim Horton…

Pastor:  So what’s deep down in your heart.  What do you want to do?

Me: To share the gospel.

Pastor: Have you go shared it with people down the street?

Me: No….(then went on telling about R who live on the street in his wheelchair and D who I have pho with and became got Baptized earlier this month).

Pastor: Is that the first priority in your life?

Me:  Yes….nothing else matters. My life, my stuff….they are all secondary (smiles).

Oh right…that’s why I am doing what I am doing to prepare myself to go….

Cliff is preparing to become a missionary with OMF in Singapore. He’s seeking the Kingdom first aka..selling everything, prepare what he can to be as simple as possible.  ((Let’s see how simple he can go!))

Living for Your Glory – Tim Hughes

What good is it to gain the whole world
But lose your soul?
What good is it to make a sweet sound
But remain proud?

In view of God’s mercy
I offer my all

Take my life let it be everything, all of me
Here I am, use me for Your glory
In everything I say and do, let my life honour You
Here I am living for Your glory

The road I’m on it leads nowhere without You
And life I’m living finds meaning, in surrender

In view of God’s mercy
I offer my all

Seeking first the Kingdom
Seeking first the Kingdom of my Lord
Seeking first the Kingdom
Seeking first the Kingdom of my Lord

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