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IT Guide: Use less Internet bandwidth for Windows 7


Compare to Canada and Singapore, Uganda’s Internet is expensive. We don’t have unlimited data. In order to reduce our cost, I started to configue my computer to use as little bandwidth as possible. There are obvious things I can do such as not watch videos or download big files online. I also configured my Windows 7 laptop to not use more data than I need. Here’s what I have...

IT Guide: Use less Internet bandwidth for Android Phones and Tablets


In order to limit our bandwidth usage in Uganda (and save a few bucks), I started to configue my Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S2, to use as little bandwidth as possible. I mod my phone with SlimRoms, so this means that my steps to access certain settings might be different on your Android devvice. I don’t have a Android tablet but you can use the similar configuration to reduce Internet...

IT Guide: General strategies to reduce Internet bandwidth usage


I wrote a few guides on how to reduce Internet bandwidth usage for specific devices. They are: iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) Android devices (phone and tablet) Windows 7 What I like to add is there are general strategies that can help you use even less bandwidth. You can apply them to regardless of the device (Windows, iOS, Android) you are using. Do keep in mind that by using one or few of these...

[Geek] Embedding Youtube videos are slowing down my site


On Friday, I did a speed test on my website.   This was my score.   Compare to when I just launched my site, there was a huge increase in requests, load time and page size.  Obviously the site at that time had no content.  It was fast and speedy. As I dig deeper, I noticed that most of the requests are coming from embedded Youtube videos.  It appeared that in order to embed Youtube videos...

About this blog


I like to write a little blurb about this website.  I am always fascinated with building websites.  As soon as I got my internet connection back in 1998 (the ancient dial up days) I started learning HTML and building websites.   Since then, the Internet has changed so much.  There are so much cool technology out here.  HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, mobile…so many terms and definitions...

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