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Beggar in Hong Kong


Wai Jia also posted the experience on her blog.  You can find it here. Wai Jia and I spent the last few days before the end of 2012 visiting my relatives in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong was also a time of us to get away for a mini-vacation. On the second day as we headed back to our hotel, we saw a beggar on the street.  He had one leg and lying on the ground faced down.  I passed...



The following video is from Jackie Pullinger. She was a missionary that gone to Hong Kong to help the poor and the drug addict. This is taken from Wiki about Jackie: At the age of 20 Pullinger graduated from the Royal College of Music having specialized in the oboe. She wanted to be a missionary, so she wrote to various missionary organizations. At first she wanted to go to Africa, but then she...

What I learn from my fellowship’s Bible Study


Matthew 16:15-17 He (Jesus) said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” And Jesus said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. What does this mean? By our own strength, we will never discern Christ is the Son of...



Today my church service had three baptisms. It was great. Testimonies alway remind me of Holy Spirit is at work and God’s Kingdom is continue to extend. During lunch time, a sister told me how amazing my testimony is…I know she meant kindly. I reply that it is not my testimony. It is God’s. Any testimony is amazing. I don’t think there is any dull or boring testimony. I...

Share the Good News!


When it’s all said and done..more is said. That was my response to a friend a while ago over the topic of evangelism and outreach in our local church. We study the passage to death (Matthew 28:18-20). We have events to fire up people to go out and share the Good News. We have group activities, sharing, games to talk about evangelism, Great Commission. Yet all these effort, the proclaiming...

Sport Ministry


Email I sent last night.. I was just thinking about my triathlon. I was sharing with a brother tonight that I was glad when I was a new Christian, my pastor gave me lots of patience and grace and let me get into this. He could have easily say “Oh Cliff, you know Sunday is a time for church and to worship the Lord. Why are you doing your races then? Don’t you love the Lord?” I...

Being the hands and feet of Jesus


This is just some rough thoughts in my head. Just throwing some ideas around. I was at prayer meeting tonight and next week we have a number of people going to Short Term Mission to Jamestown. I never know where Jamestown was until I looked in the map. My heart sank at the thought of that place. If you like to know more info about Jamestown, please read here. I am reminded of me going to Ryerson...

Sharing the Gospel in the Gay Village


Picked this up from Challies.com. It is his pastor friend sharing how he is sharing the Gospel in Toronto’s gay community. He ended with: I do all this because I love the LGBT community. They are a community comprised of individual eternal souls. Sadly, they are culture that has almost no contact with biblical Christianity in any form. How many drag queens can count a born again Christian...

The joy of sharing the Gospel


As a deacon of the church, Sunday is a very busy day. My day usually starts with getting up at 7 or so. I don’t stay up late on Sat anymore. I start off the day with ironing my shirts, prepare my Bible, materials. I try to not think about too many things I need to do and reflected on what God wants me to do. Drive to church. The drive is usually very peaceful. I shut off the radio. There is...

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