Today my church service had three baptisms. It was great. Testimonies alway remind me of Holy Spirit is at work and God’s Kingdom is continue to extend.

During lunch time, a sister told me how amazing my testimony is…I know she meant kindly. I reply that it is not my testimony. It is God’s. Any testimony is amazing. I don’t think there is any dull or boring testimony. I try hard to not think like that. I think if I reach to that point the mentality that ‘oh that testimony, that’s nothing special’, I miss the point.
The mysterious of the universe is the gospel. We say it over and over (and over again)…really, it is Christ coming down on earth and redeem His people. It is people who hear the gospel, their heart is changed by the Holy Spirit, repent of their sinful ways and turn toward Jesus.
The idea that God willing to send His Son to die (let alone on the cross) is amazing.
What more do I need? That there is some spectacular light show or columns of fire coming down from heaven? Sure that will be cool (and very eye appealing). I want to focus on Christ alone and gospel alone.
I think even if I think a testimony is ‘bland’. Without all the special gifts, we can insert prophecy, dreams, visions, speaking in tongues, healing….God can still use the, shall we say, vanilla, testimony? This is GOD we are talking about. He is Sovereign and Supreme. He alone predestine who will hear the message, who will accept and who will hear and not understand.
It reminds me of Jonah….God told him to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent. Because Jonah hated them, he tried to run away from God. When he got to to Ninevh, he gave the most pathetic speech…
“Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned.” (Jonah 3:4b)
Eight words. No spectacular words…nothing fancy…and the whole city believed and fasted. These are wicked people who do not know God and they believed!
AMAZING….so what can I say..all testimonies are good. Even at times, when my human thinking thinks that it is dry….it could be the only thing that God uses to proclaim His message.
By Cliff

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