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I. One Less Tooth Went to the dentist to yank out a tooth. Trust me, it was better out than in. Ever since my bike accident in Sept, this tooth has been aching. It ached so bad that I could not bite properly. It is one of the back tooth on the left side. I […]

Building a Cliff’s School of Ironman The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of school. My A races next year is like my exams. My training is like my homework. The couches is like my professor. My B & C races are like my tests and assignments. I love this concept. […]

Counting those Calories At work, I eat 9 to 5 non stop. I am always hungry and stomach is always growling. Yesterday I stuffed myself up. It felt good. I was curious as to the amount of calories I am taking in. So let’s count the calories from yesterday (approximate numbers taken from nutritiondata.com): Breakfast2 […]