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Building a Cliff’s School of Ironman

The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of school. My A races next year is like my exams. My training is like my homework. The couches is like my professor. My B & C races are like my tests and assignments. I love this concept. The more I think about it, the more I am excited. I am setting up a training plan custom design for one person, Me. I am the Dean, the professor, the coach, the student (and the janitor :D). My courses are swimming, biking, running, nutrition, mental training.

The strange part is the fact that I am anti-school. If you talk to me two years ago, I believe deeply that school is the worst place too learn about business. It is too academic. My experiences or dislike of university is mostly due to some very bad profs that read straight from the book. Full of head knowledge but no real life experiences. My arguement is that Michael Dell and Bill Gates are examples of people becoming successful in business without getting a degree. They are university drop outs. (I am much approachable about school now. I understand and appreciate about the research and knowledge they help to benefit society. Just make sure u don’t get someone that thinks the best way to learn business is to go to school to come and talk to me. That will easily get my heart rate pumping)

I am continuing to read the Triathlete Training Bible. I have a rough idea of how my next year it will be. It will definitely be great. There is so much to absorb. Here is what i have plan in the next few weeks:

1. Hammer out 2006 training plan by November 15th
2. Do a 10 km run (see below) in November 20th
3. Rest for two weeks
4. December = prep work, weight training and swimming lessons
5. Jan = start building base

II. Pace

I have no idea what my running pace is. I always assume to be 5:00 min/km. A few days ago, I took a look at my tri results. I did a 7.5 km in a 4:34 min/km pace. This was after a 750 m swim and 30 k bike. I was surprised. The last leg was hot, humid and no wind. It felt the slowest run of my life. Time proved me wrong (good!).

Now I am really excited to find out how fast I can really go. There is a local 10 km at Hamilton on November 20th. It is call the Hannukah Hustle. My goal is simple. Pound as hard as I can. If I don’t puke after or during the run, I ain’t pushing hard enough.

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