A strange growth, Church Expansion..and Terry FoxThere is this strange growth coming out of my back. I noticed it ever since I start swimming. It feels fin like :). I have some great news. Last night I was manage to swim 3 laps non stop. That’s 150 m!! Compare to what I need to swim […]

Weekly review. It is 10:13 pm and I am tired. I ate about 1/2 of my dinner and I can’t finish it. I am just looking at my weekly training. Earlier this week, I posted the perfect training. It looks insane. This is the first time I am seriously training (or training seriously?).I have missed […] King Kong I am surprised with so much respond about the Cancer shirts. Thanks a lot. I will be thinking about this (especially when I train). I want to get a few memorable quotes in. “Cancer sucks” is definitely one of them. This morning woke up late and went to the pool late. There […]

One book 95% completed. In two nights I have breezed through “It’s Not About the Bike” by Lance Armstrong. It is too good. There is a lot of things I can related (biking ain’t one of them..well he is a rocket and me being …what’s slower than a snail? :D). As I read it, I […]

A downward WHAT? My reading materials have arrived. I have bought: – It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong (I think this one is self explanatory. Cancer change man, come back and win Tour De France 7 times..the usual :D) – Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong (the other one seems to be more […]

Follower of Christ, Fellowship, Small group.. I was listening to NT Wright on the way to the pool yesterday. He is a Bishop of Durham. There was one quote he said that struck me in awe. I had to stop and reflected what he said. He was talking about the role of Christians after Jesus […]

2005 & 2006…. This weekend has been great. Despite things that need to get done, I am more relax. I took a few naps yesterday and today. The plan today was to get to the pool at 7:30 am. Hmm yeah right. I woke up late and lazy around the house. Got to the pool […]