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Someone to rely on

That’s how many friends I have on my facebook. I am listening to a podcast from Boundless. They were referring to a study that the people others can rely on drop a lot more. The discussion was the need for real relations. With these 369 friends, the people I can rely is less than 10. […]

Cleaning up…

My parents and my sis went on vacation for the past week and a half. They went to Eastern Europe. As such, I spent the past few days living on my own and taking care of the house. Last night, I spent two hours cleaning my cats’ litter boxes. It was more work than expected. […]

100 km/week, half mary and wine and cheese party… Last week was my last build before the Toronto Marathon (Oct 19th). I ran 100 km for that week. Earlier the week, I was wondering if this is achievable. Granted, I never run this far before. So I am pretty excited and scared to run this […]

When is acceptable for a Christian to gamble?

Part of the assignment of my ethic course is to do a weekly post. One of the students ask…when is it acceptable for Christian to gamble? Here’s my take on it…I went for a run after I submitted this. I do not think this is a very solid argument as I feel I am missing […]

Interruption As this is the last week building up to my marathon, I was preparing everything I can to make sure I get my targeted runs in. On Wed after my hill runs (great sessions, 10 reps, legs are tired!), I got this text message from a friend: I just learned that twins’ dad passed […]

Success hinderance Marriage?

Boundless blog had a post on success can be a hindrance to marriage. Though the article is focus on successful females, I wonder to myself whether I have the courage to give up success and focus on marriage/relationship. Would I be willing to not work over time to spend more time with love ones at […]

Good quote…

If we do not come face-to-face with our sin as individuals and as a congregation, we have not seen God, and we have not worshiped Him. – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Let them eat cake!

A while back, my friend asked me a question. We were discussing Christian living in a materialistic world. As the money we receive is a blessing from God. Where do a Christian draw the line in terms of buying things? What about brand names? In Matthew 5, Jesus taught the His disciples the Beatitudes… Blessed […]

Preparation The weekend was very relaxing for me. I took 2-3 hour day on Sat and Sun. Lazy around the house. I took the bike out. I hadn’t touch it for a long time. I spent last night lining up all my running gears for each day. It looks like I need to do laundry […]

Money Matter: Follow by faith, not by bank account

Since Dec 25 last year after I signed a contract to God I will seek Him first in everything I do, I’ve been slowly working on my financial matters. As part of ushering ministry and part of collecting tithes, I am obligated to be faithful to God in the money I was blessed. Or else […]