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Money Matter: Questions

I am taking a course at McMaster Divinity. The course is Christian Ethics: Money, Sex and Power. For one of the paper, we have to write a situation (relate to ethics) in which we personally experience. I have been reading The Challenge of the Disciplined Life by Richard Foster. When there is a book I […]

Don’t feel ‘like’ loving others

The title of today’s blog is came from an email conversation with a friend. We were discuss about loving others and loving God. I propose the question, can someone love God and not love others? We talk a bit some more..and the phrase, ‘don’t feel like loving others‘ comes up. Friend replied with a Scripture: […]

Triathlon and Hollywood…together at last. I picked this up from Commodore‘s facebook comment this morning. Did a search on the net. Lo and behold. J-Lo did her first triathlon. Is this good for the sport? Will triathlon goes mainstream? I guess if J-Lo can do it..you can do it too 🙂 On the training front, […]

Entertainment Over-dosage

The weekend I have been exhausted. A lack of sleep, school, fellowship, fellowship after fellowship, service and training leads to one tired Cliff. This morning, I received an email from a friend to go to watch a movie tonight. It is interesting how a part of me, despite being so tired and plan on staying […]


I read this post from Challies this morning. He reviewed a book, Love or Die by Alexander Strauch. Of my continue to search on what it means to be a Christian, this book fits very nicely and a reminder that to be a follower of Christ is to love one another. As Challies described it, […]

Dying and dying

Gmail chat Friend: if you cease to breath, you die eventually me: …if u cease seeking Christ..u die spiritually

The joy of sharing the Gospel

As a deacon of the church, Sunday is a very busy day. My day usually starts with getting up at 7 or so. I don’t stay up late on Sat anymore. I start off the day with ironing my shirts, prepare my Bible, materials. I try to not think about too many things I need […]

A beautiful run… Yesterday I did a tempo run. Warm up 20 min, Tempo run for 15 min, easy for 4, tempo again for 15, 40 min cool down. The cool down was long because I ran too far away from home in my second tempo run. My fear in marathon training is that I […]

Authenticity, organic, community revisited

I’ve been gnawing at these thoughts for a while since I last posted, thoughts on church, people, authenticity. One of the textbook I am reading for Christian Ethics: Money, Sex and Power, the authors discuss the individualistic society can be in conflict with community building. In today’s society where we compete with one another for […]

Tree with fruits and tree without

On Sunday, I woke up more early than usually. Like any morning, I decided to go for a jog before getting ready to go to church. As much as I train, there are times on the road when I simply stop jogging and ended up walking. As I was walked around the neighborhood, I stopped […]