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Video Update: Warts and Mississauga Half Preparation Hello Mr Wart…

Would Jesus Twitter?

This is a post from Dave Gibbons in discussing about technology and Christianity. You can read it here. I like the idea of a church with thousands of doors. Here he is talking about that we can start an experience of a church online and offline. I love what the United Methodist Church denomination recently […]

Christians among the sick

Dave Gibbon’s blog posted a US family staying in Mexico City among the swine flu outbreak. Speaking to DG this morning, he reminded me of Rodney Stark’s book “The Rise of Christianity” where it tells of how the Church historical remained in the cities during plagues to serve the sick, poor, and needy. And lastly, […]

Toad! I went to the doc last fri to check my toe. He told me I got a wart! He pour some liquid ice on it and told me to come back the next five weeks for treatment to get rid of the bacteria. I asked him if I could train and he told me […]

Ingredients for a good conversation

I am meeting with a prof from Mac Div tomorrow for coffee. I never sat down with a prof off hours and chat. Today I made up a few questions to ask. Not really questions but thoughts that have been going off my mind. There is nothing like picking brains from those smarter than you […]