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Book Reflection: Eric Liddell Pure Gold


Pg. 211 Eric Liddell’s 1938 annual report. “HAPPINESS is to have enough for the day’s needs with always some to spare for those who have not.IT is to possess the love of friends and to have the knowledge that all is well with them.IT IS TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH ALL MEN.HAPPINESS is to have the strength to face with courage all that the day may bring.IT is to cherish the gift of...

Book Reflection: Eric Liddell Pure Gold


A friend gave this book to me yesterday. Eric Liddell, also known as the Flying Scotsman, was a Christian who won the 400 m Olympics in 1924. The movie, Chariot of Fire, was made about his journey. He is also a Christian and later went to China as a Missionary. I admired him in many ways. That he is a Christian foremost and a runner second. That he used his gift to run fast to give Glory to God...

Angry runner? Been a while since I post on here. Busy with work and squeezing in workouts. I hit the pool today and did some 5 x 100s. Wow. I am out of shape. I started with 1:50, xxx (forgot to press the watch), 2:05, 2:10, 2:10(!). This is with 10 sec break. Not good. Lately, feels like my training has been medicore. I also did some miles repeat on Thurs. It was 30*C here and I felt like I am...

Sometimes pain is good


In triathlon training, we have a saying: “Good pain is good“ In order for us to become faster, we have to push it. And often the case, it hurts. I can recall the numerous hill repeats I have done. And every time it hurts. I use to think that I train hard and suffer so that I don’t suffer on race day. That was working when I just race to finish. When it comes to racing for...

This body ain’t mine


I was thinking about this last night in reflection of the Half Marathon I did. I was thinking why am I going so hard to suffer. Here’s the thoughts going on my head at 16 km of the race with 5 more km to go: “This is pretty good. I am feeling pretty good. I am breathing hard but it is in control. I just need to hold it for 5 more km and I am good. My pace is fast and yet it is...

Mississauga Half Marathon Race Report Pre-race I have no idea what to expect on this race. Conservatively, I want to go under 1:45. In the back of my head, I figured I can go sub 1:40. It’s funny how 5 min can make a world of difference. I have never ran a half marathon hard before. So I don’t know what to pace myself. If I have to run a 1:45, I have to run 4:5x min/k. That...

Mississauga Half Marathon aftermath..
to keep it short.
1:38 :o).
Had some stomach issueAn adventure with the “washroom”
gotta go watch Star Trek…. 😀
Happy Mother’s Day!

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