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Lighten Your Load

A vivid dream from last night… I was in my highschool and I was cleaning up my locker.  The locker was shared with someone else.  While I was going which things I needed to pack, I noticed there were a large amount of Singaporean dollars.  Since we were in Canada and my locker partner had […]

Missing Home

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss home until you receive an invitation to your best friend’s wedding.  As you look through the wedding website and see who is the best man and groomsmen, you can’t help to feel you should be there…. ….perhaps this is what real friends are.  You want to be […]

Prayer and desire to be independent…

I will be honest. I am horrible at praying.  Especially to pray for a long time. My mind always drift off.  I sometimes fall asleep praying.  Sometimes I am too busy to pray. Actually there are many times I am too busy to pray. But since the beginning of this year, I am tired of […]

Doing the works of the Lord and being the works of the Lord

This morning I was reading the autobiography of George Mueller.  One of the early lessons in his walk with the Lord is that he would rely on the Holy Spirit to guide him on what to preach.  He reasoned that since he didn’t know the need of the congregation but the Lord knew the hearts […]