Apologetics by Rich Carl

A pologist strode forth one day
in search of dragons for to slay,
his sword like diamond hard and clear;
thus armed with truth he had no fear.
the heathen dragons he did find
and left a bloody trail behind
and those who died not by his blade
soon cursed the day it had been made.

the pologist then met a man
who led a dragon by the hand.
“slay not this beast,” that man did cry,
“we’re bound for Castle in the Sky,”
the pologist replied, “beware –
for dragons may not enter there.”
the man then said, “oh do not fret;
the dragon need not know that yet.”

a wizard, likewise, that day walked
and, meeting dragons, stopped and talked;
but he too had a sword with him
and cut the dragons limb from limb;
yet with the sword he was so skilled
that very little blood was spilled
and when the limbs were rearranged
the dragons lived but they were changed.
for magic was the wizard’s trade
and, when he forged his mighty blade,
he used a metal from above:
an alloy made of truth and love
By Cliff

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