A bit quiet on this blog.

A few thoughts were rolling off my head.  Particularly ‘helping’ the poor.

I am looking it from a Biblical point of view.  Trying not to infuse my ideas into the Bible but rather let the Scripture speaks itself as to helping those less fortunate.

There are a few passages off my head which I can easily show the character of God, mercy, compassion, helping the needy, and also how it relates to our Christian lives.  Add in a few modern situation, half of the world live off less than 2 dollars a day and I live in one of the more affluent nations, how does that ‘work’ in my Christian walk?

How does helping the poor and sharing the Gospel work hand in hand?  And all these questions, in searching for their answers, is to keep an open mind.  Read each passage in context as the author intended.  To not overally pull one line in the Bible and add another from another book.

Yes, more thinking…is needed.

By Cliff

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