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Excuses or reasons?

One of the delinma of self coaching is that I don’t know what is hard and what is easy. Is swimming everyday is too tiring? How about every other day?

Or workout. How much of a load can I handle? Can I run after a workout?

There is only so many days a week and so many hours. It is a bit frustrating to aim high to push oneself and at the same time aim low to prevent burn out.

What I have notice in a few occurences is my mind will use the reason “don’t train too hard to avoid burn out” as an excuse. I don’t know if you have sense it. But I know I do.

For me, I do not enjoy a light workout (when it is not suppose to be light). There is no joy in giving 75% when you can give 110%. There is no satisfaction in climbing a ant hill when you know you can climb a mountain.

Being self coach, there is an easy tendency to give 75% and call it a day. I have a rough day. Things are not going well. I am not getting enough sleep. All these reasons can be reasons for taking reducing training. At the same time, these reasons can also be use as excuses.

The key is to distinguish which is which. No one can help us to do that. Only ourselves. As the Greek say “Know Thyself”.

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