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Good talk

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A gmail chat with a friend (with his permission)…I try to keep the log original as possible. As such, it might be hard to read.


Friend: well, it’s an interesting phenomenon in the western culture.

me: he was saying…..yapping about theology..might not be useful..as at the end there might be more confusion
and divides ppl..u have ur point of view..and i have mine..

Friend: in arranged marriages time, it was different.

me: nahh

…u can go back to China and look for a wife:D
arranged marriage!!

Friend: yes, but that’s the thing.
people given the choice over here, it has it’s own issues.

i’m not advocating arranged marriages, but the realization of the mindset that goes around it.

check out post #57 http://www.boundlessline.org/2008/07/waiting-well.html

me: ..hmm …a superficial church..a superficial fellowship?
that’s a good question
which i often ask myself
or wonder..
cause if a fellowship ppl don’t share issues with each other..it ain’t that deep
it is just hanging out πŸ™‚

Friend: yeah, then you never really get to support each other.

me: …or u get superficial support

Friend: b/c after hanging out, we all go home even more frustrated, spent time and issues are still with us with no end in sight.

me: and walk away :O
u are wondering.. what’s going on
i agree
i think a lot of importance for me. the start is the conviction of the HS….
if the HS move your heart for someone…

Friend: well, with that… yeah, there has to be followup and people need to take action.

me: or give u a burden..that’s a good sign.that it ain’t just superficial
it ain’t just about following up ..which is important..
but it is the heart….ppl care enough to stop thinking about themselves..
care enough (through the HS)..not through..oh i help you b/c it makes me feel good focus purely on the latter feeling will lead to a selfish serving others (as irony as that sounds)

Friend: yes, i do things for you b/c i love God.

me: it is like those super stars who spend like 1% of their resources on charitable goods and 99% on their own indulgence..
consumerlistic serving..
i only serve when i have more ..

Friend: yeah, that reminds me of the widow’s two mites.
Jesus said that the rich give b/c of their abundance.

but the widow gave more than the rest of them, b/c she gave out of want, and of her need. that’s like a rich guy, giving everything.

me: u know..this morning on the drive to work..i am thinking…what if God bless me more..like a better job..
etc…would i be just as humble..or stay humble..
in a sense..i am afraid of success…

Friend: mmmmm, good question.

me: i am afraid if i am successful..i will rely on my own strength..
like Saul….

Friend: need the holy spirit to always be there.
i was telling my friends
if happy with where i am, but even if i do get a better paying job.
i will give more to God.

one of the past summer camps, our pastor challenged us to give everything out of our wallet to offering.

i can feel my own will getting in the way… oh, i need this $20 to pay for dinner…the issue for me comes down to the will/love. need to break down myself and daily surrender to God. like muscles.

me: yeah

Friend: ultimately, everything comes down to our love for Christ.

me: ..ultimately.it just comes to one question..which master do we serve..money or God..
two roads..

Friend: that’s the key source. people give, great. =)
God will do his will. I sent a portion of purpose driven life to my cell group…

me: not just about giving..it is relying on God will provide..this easily goes back to a question
….do we think about our career more so than where do God want us to be at
how often do someone moves b/c of a job change…but how often do someone move b/c of God’s Calling?
when i read that 57th comment.that’s what i think
where’s God in this?…
if God ain’t in this..then why am i doing it?

Friend: hmmm, that’s true.

me: and this is a scary question.b/c it will point to some answers we might not want to face..

that’s why i like the Bible as the truth…as James said..like a mirror
b/c it shows you who you are..whether you like it or not
and sometimes things are very very ugly

Friend: things are horribly corrupted with sin

“God’s ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development….”
there’s more to it, but that sums it up in a sentence.

me: yes
like i said..pain is good πŸ™‚

Friend: i was talking to the seeker in our group.
and she was saying… she doesn’t wanna give up control.
and that hits at the heart of the issue, for everyone, even christians.

me: yes….going back to..deny yourself..take up your cross everyday

we make a choice..whether we are in control or whether we rely on God
that’s pretty much it…not a easy decision.but when i think about all the time i mess up..
then it becomes easy to place where my faith on..

Cliff = 26 years of messing up..or God = eternal the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Friend: love overcomes all. =)
God is gracious

me: yeah..
and this is a personal choice….b/c even when someone tell me i am a sinner

unless..my heart is burden and sadden by how much i falter..
the feeling of despair of falling and temptation of sinning
the disgust of one’s self being a slave of sin..
that’s when i really look to Christ..
and i felt that’s where the transformation of the heart is..

Friend: there’s the choice

me: yeah

Friend: it’s like driving
if i take the wrong direction…
somewhere along the way, i have to u-turn around.
otherwise, i’ll just keep getting further and further away from home.
the turn is probably the “hardest” part

me: there are many temptations along the road away from God..
many fancy candies..
dangling on the road
and these fancy temptations. often…it is a misinterpretation of God’s Words..

like..how the snake told Eve..”You will not surely die,”
Genesis 3:4
ok i am going now… take it easy..good talk πŸ™‚

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