I help lead my congregation’s Wednesday Prayer Meeting.

Recently, I gather different prayer request from different people….

Here’s one particularly touching:

I am doing as usual. After 3 deadly treatment, doctor ordered not to continue because CT scan showed that the chemical didn’t work on my tumors, it will do more harm than treated. I had a lot of side effects but now some of them were gone after stopping the chemo. I am awaiting for the doctor’s call to see if there is any other approach. It has been 5 weeks already and I haven’t receive any call from him. My life is in God’s hand and now I am fighting with my faith and mind set. My right shoulder still in great pain and I am taking painkiller every eight hours. The pain continue due to the crazy weather change and took too much steroids during chemo. One good thing is God gives me good appetite and I can still maintain my weight.

Please do continue to pray for me, I do need support from you all.

By Cliff

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