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A thought..

Was bouncing an email to my friend and this is just a snip bit:

This is where I take training as serious as school..and i love this analogy..a lot of ppl i know dont understand why i am not hanging out with them b/c i need to train….they see training is like, “Oh Cliff is abadon his friends for himself. So selfish.” They feel that I am abadoning them. I don’t want to hang out with them. They don’t say that in my face but I can feel it.

Honestly, I rather they tell me in person. I hate it when people talk behind someone’s back. Especially if they consider me as a friend….

I have been called a dumbass, I have been told what i am missing in life b/c of my training. I have been told if this is really worth it…from their point of view, i can understand their concern….I am sure if I told my parents what i am planning they would think i have gone nuts.

If they see that this is like school..would they ask their friend to come out if they know this friend has an exam the next day?..i don’t think so…well my training is my studying…and i have to study (It’s fun anyways).

I also know some of the adults in my church don’t understand..I must look like a rebel that is not so good role model for their kids…I think this is driving me quite nuts in the past few weeks….something that is bothering me….but i know i gotta do what i gotta do…many don’t understand..only a few does…and i cherish those few..

Terry FoxWhat to do? I have been criticize my whole life :). I always thought I am immune to this. The more I think about it, the more I realize, yeah, my whole life I have been criticize. This ain’t your teenager “I just want to do what I want to do, against the authority” attitude. I feel there is much more. I wonder if this is how Lance Armstrong felt when he is going back in training after surviving his cancer. I wonder if this is how Terry Fox felt after one of his leg amputated and decided to run across Canada. I have to do what God put me on earth to do.

Only one thing I have to say….put a smile on my face and TRI ON.

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