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Last night’s MSN Chat…

Cliff : I am close to smelling like chlorine There is one blogger who said his wife hates it when he smells like cholrine..
Len(2) : You need to use a different shower soap, then 🙂

Cliff : I have to reach to that stage
Cliff : When girls (and guys) runs away from me cause of my reekness..that menas I have bathed enough chlorine pool.

Len(2) : I know they had anti-chlorine shampoo – because otherwise you can get seriously dry hair if you don’t wear a swim cap. I wonder if they make anti-chlorine soap. I don’t even know if they still make/sell that shampoo.

Cliff : I got a cap. I don’t want to be bald 🙂 I ain’t worry about that. I dye my hair too and the chlorine just eat that up.

Len(2) : Look around – they may have anti-chlorine soap out there.

Cliff : No need. I like it. Is a badge of honor. Like those bruises u get from paintball.
Len(2) : Covers up the regular wet-dog smell you’ve got, too 🙂

Cliff : People ask me..’what’s that smell’..i be like..”that’s chlorine..by Mississauga Community Pool”. One ordor to mask another ordor 😀

Len(2) : An odor you can explain to mask one that you can’t 🙂
Cliff : As long as it works

Len(2) :
That should be the advertising slogan for a perfume 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone…I will be out training 🙂

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