Triathlon = longevity?

Hey all, this aint’ base on a science report. This is just my own experience of the past three years as I entered into the world of multisports.

Back then, I would eat without a care of the world.

Now, I become cautious on what I eat. Not that I am over analyzing on what to avoid. I simply pick a lot of fruits and veges, less on the junk food (McDonalds, Burger King etc.) and maintain a good amount of meat (not a lot of buffet thanks you).

A while back, a friend mention to me that, “I ain’t discipline like you to change my diet.” I don’t think I am discipline at all. I didn’t change my diet b/c of my liver transplant. I am glad though that I discover triathlon and through the sport, I realize why I need to eat healthier. And now, the diet becomes a lifestyle.

On the drive to Rhode Island two weekends ago, I stopped off at a service station to look for fruits. I am so glad they have apples.

This season, I ain’t as disciple as two years ago. Not that, I am stuffing fast food in my face. I just enjoy going for ice cream after a run :D.

Triathlon might not save my life. The liver transplant did. Through the change of diet and importance on health through the sport, I should lengthen my lifespan by a bit. You know what that means..more fun on the bike =D

Today, checking over the Canada Olmypic Transplant site, I saw my name in the participants list. Yes! So I am in. I asked my supervisor for days off and got approval as well.

One of the games is a 8 km Bike Time Trial. All I can imagine is Tour De France time trials :). Granted I don’t have a aero helmet. But I will be ripping the field with my Cervelo Dual.

In the mean time, I dislocated my pinky toe over the weekend and it swelled on Sat. Dang I can’t believe a little toe can bring so much pain. After much icing and iberprofin, today it is much better. These few weeks will be getting my legs back to running.


  • Okay, so you dislocated your toe while being a couch potato, or what? 😉

    Great news about the transplant games. Rock it 🙂

  • My right pinky toe has a habit of getting caught on corners of doors, tables, etc. And when it’s swollen it seems to just keep getting caught on things so I have to tape it to the other toe to keep it out of trouble.

    Good luck at the Transplant Games!

  • Glad to hear that your toe is improving.

    And as for triathlon = longevity – I don’t know about that but if one wants the time to slow down a bit the running portion of triathlon will definitely do that.

  • Ouch! Hope your toe feels better soon. I know what you mean about triathlon making you healthier. I think a lot more now about what I do to my body because I demand a lot of it out there. And I have a lot more respect for what it can do.

  • Cliff, you’ve gotta get yourself one of those helmets, especially for the TT – it’s all about the look, baby!

    Go get ém – we’ll be rooting for ya.

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