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Weekend…such a tease..

On Friday, I saw a teeth specialist for getting an implant. He told me I need to see a radiologist first, scan the jaws, and clean the teeth. All I can think about is geez how much more is this going to cost. In my mind, I keep asking God for help…with the change of job..training and teeth fixing…nothing is consistent. Everything is tied down together. Need money to buy gears but can’t b/c gotta fix teeth. Time wise is tough b/c with the commute, there is less time to train. Spending more time to commute also means more money on gas (also less money to train). If I quit now, there is no money coming in to fix teeth and pay to train. Not sure about without a front tooth will land me a job..I just hope they don’t hire me b/c of my great smile :D..haha.

Expenses wise I am scrapping by. I don’t know how the teeth fixing will affect my training. Just going to take it one day at a time. Not going to do a bike fit for now. I need to get a wetsuit in May so have to start saving some money for that. Also need to pay for the races.

My friend and I suppose to go for a bike ride on Friday afternoon. What a tease. I got my bike gears ready and was riding on his street. This is the first time I rode outside since last Sept. He told me he would be back by 2:45 pm. By 3 pm he ain’t even there….argh…by the time he arrived, it was 3:30 pm and I need to clock in 4.5 hr bike ride. It is too late so I decided to head back home (beat the traffic jam). I did have a chance to see and touch his P3 Carbon. Oh geez, the bike is a beauty. It is so light. He even let me ride it around the parking lot. It is a bit small for my size. The angle is extremely steep.

Went home, did 30 min of hill running and 30 min at the pool. Called it a day.

Sat…went for a ride. Wind was brutal. I saw ducks trying to take off..they didn’t fly, they just hover. I didn’t spent too much time on the aerobars as I am not that good handling it yet. Planned for 4.5 hr and I ended with 3.5 hr. My toes were frozen. Next time wear wool socks. In my head, I am thinking, geez how in the world am I going ot bike for 5+ hours PLUS run a marathon after this. Oh yeah, I am humbled by the distance. I was telling Jamie before yeah it ain’t that hard..I can picture myself doing it :D….gotta build up that aerobic base…

Went to get my root canals…it wasn’t too bad. The first question I asked my dentist after he was done was “can I go swim”. He said yeah :D. I had a pizza and beer afterwards 😀

Sun..also suppose to go for a ride with a friend. She just had her bike fitted and she just got a road bike. Great…once again I loaded my car with bike gears. Her car decided to die that day. So spent 3 hr with her waiting for them to toll her car. No riding for me. Feeling really lazy though, got home decided to do another 30 min hill run. Called it a day.

As you see, both days i got teased. Maybe it is the April Fool thing but it wasn’t funny :D. You also notice I haven’t swam for a while. When I swam on Fri, my shoulders were tired. I figure a few days of rest, I should have them good to go.

I am seeing the Swim Coach tonight. I want to be fresh. That’s why I didn’t do any workout this morning.

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