Welcome back Wai Jia


It has been about two weeks since Wai Jia came back from Eswatini.

Since she came back, we tried out a new routine in Team Tam. Even though she was gone for only 7 weeks (feels like 7 years!), a lot of things have changed. For one, our older child started going to school during the day. So, we slowly try out a new routine. I started to homeschool our little one.

As she just turned three over the weekend, homeschooling for her is more about making crafts. We are using Our Father’s World materials. We did it with Sarah-Faith and she really enjoyed it. So we figured Esther-Praise will enjoy it as well.

For me, teaching my children is an interesting journey. You will never know what you will get. I may have an object lesson, but the kids may not be interested or do their own thing. So I often wonder if what I am doing is worthwhile.

For Esther-Praise’s homeschooling, the material is to group certain things together. A shape, a colour, an animal and an attribute as one. So last week was red, square, bunny and love. The homeschooling material also included a book with animals linking to a specific attribute.

I wanted to say I have a game plan but it comes down to whatever Esther-Praise wants to do. So we spent the morning reading books, playing with some toys and making crafts.

The craft we’ve made 🙂
Here is another one.
The story we read together.

In my mind, I figure Esther-Praise won’t even remember any of this. She was never interested in the square and the red and the bunny and love.

But she surprised me. Just yesterday, as she was walking away from us, she said, “Bunny is love.”

I mentioned this a lot but I will mention it again. A lot of times I feel like the time I’ve spent with my children is not very worthwhile. I can prepare a sermon or do some teaching. But this incident reminds me that what I sow in my children is never lost.

This weekend, Esther-Praise just turned three. In life, there are changes and we are moving into a new season. Team Tam is journeying on. And I look forward to homeschooling our little one.

By Cliff

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