When push comes to shove


A while back when I first going to church and fellowship, I had a beer over two friends. One of them was particular close as I know him since grade 4. Bonds like that are rare.

We were all working for a number of years and we discuss our ethics and attitudes toward work. The discussion quickly become what’s the best way to kiss up to the boss and do what you can to get ahead (backstab).

Maybe it is just me, I tend to have a different view on things (many things). I was strong on my point of doing the best you can and keeping a high morals and ethics in my career. The conversation then become a point battle against my stance. And at that point, I said, “Look guys, I don’t know how to explain it and I won’t. This is how I feel and that’s the way I stand.

And at that point, it was clear that me and my friend’s point of view on life are different. We stop hanging out like we use to. And our friendship dwindle as well.

Am I sad about this? A bit. I wonder what’s that I am sad about. The fact that I lose a friend or the fact that I stand up on what I believe in. When I think about the former, is it because of the thought of trying to satisfy everyone to gain popularity that making me feel sad? If that’s the case, where’s my esteem at? And where do I get my source of confidence (myself or from God)?

When I think about the latter I realize that when we have to stand up on what we believe, it may not always be rainbow and sunshine.

And such is being a Christian. At church, we are to be hospitable to everyone who comes in. At the same time when push comes to shove, we are to stand on the Truth. And the cost of standing for the Truth might hurt.

I was reading Pulpit Magazine and John MacArthur write a blog entitled, Walking, not just Talking. He shared his experience of a wealthy family wanting to hold a wedding with a non-believer. He confronted with the decision to hold on to the Truth (Believers are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Second Corinthians 6:14.)

The family and a few others eventually leave the church.

I have to remember that the church is Christ’s Church. Not a church to be use as my discretion. (A stronger reason to learn the Scripture..)

By Cliff

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