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Where in the world is my gall bladder?? Oh what a day yesterday was. My appointment was at 2:30 pm. First I waited outside for an hour. Then they brought me to a waiting room where we have to change into a gown and wait for another hour. By the time I was done, it […]

You humble me Lord… you humble me Lord… I am down on my knees empty… you humble me Lord. This is from a song from Norah Jones. This morning my mom told me that she is going to get another part time job doing quinting. She say there is not enough money coming in to […]

Excuses or reasons? One of the delinma of self coaching is that I don’t know what is hard and what is easy. Is swimming everyday is too tiring? How about every other day? Or workout. How much of a load can I handle? Can I run after a workout? There is only so many days […]