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You know you are a Panera nerd when the waitress asked if you are there everyday. Since Monday, I’ve been at Panera Bread to work on my paper. It takes a lot of effort for me to pour out ideas into a few hundred words. I always admire authors who can communicate complicate ideas in […]


Taken from Kingdom Ethic’s (Stassen and Gushee), page 414: …the follower of Jesus is overjoyed at the opportunity to participate in the kingdom’s dynamic advance in every area, economic life included. Living simply, not hoarding wealth for ourselves and trusting God to meet our basic material needs are practices that free us to offer generosity […]


The purpose of writing this paper is to be objectively about myself, my intent and my actions. It is not to set up a pedestal for Cliff to stand upon and give a pat on his back for a job well done. After weeks of meddling. Weeks of thinking, discerning, praying. Weeks of opening up […]

On a lighter note

It seems that most of the post on this blog has been quite serious and heavy. On Sat night, went to hangout with a brother I haven’t seen for a while. We had a good meal and watched a movie afterward. It was fun. It was nice that this brother offered to open his house. […]


God, I thank you for all that you blessed me beyond my means. I thank you for all the things that you have given to me. Even things I am not aware of. I thank you for forgiving me and not ignore me when I purposely displease you with my act. I thank you for […]

Running out of air??

Do I worry about air? Do I worry there is not enough to breathe? Do I hoard air? Keep it in plastic bags and bottles? Just in case for emergency? …. As I was driving to work this morning, this thought don on me. It sounds pretty silly to worry about air..or the lack of […]

A night at Nathan Phillip Square

Lord, you said that blessed are those who are hungry in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I am asking if you are willing, give me opportunities for me to share a meal with those who are hungry. I wished to be a blessing in your eyes. For months, I have been convicted […]

Last week i) Swimming– aim for 30 min a day but I think my body can handle more than that ii) core exercise (http://d3multisport.com/articles/core1.html)– 10 min a day. They hurt. 🙂 iii) Adding a run in the morning– I use to drop my dad to the GO Station. Now I told him to drive down […]


Last night, my fellowship had a discussion on changing leadership. As the candidate talked about himself and where he felt God is leading him, I had a little revelation. He was talking about relationship between brothers and sisters in a fellowship. Relationship. My mind zoned to a different context. I remembered the emotional roller coaster […]

The deceitfulness of oneself

Yesterday, I was renewing my membership at the community center. I noticed they had discount pricing for students. Out of curiosity, I asked them about that. They replied that I had to be over 19 and going to school full time. It was at that point I was taking out my McMaster Student Card. I […]