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The course (Christian Ethics: Money, Sex and Power) I am taking at Mac Div we are evaluated on weekly discussions. A few days ago, I got a mark on my discussions. They were better than I expected. Praise the Lord! Going back to this….the purpose for me to go to Mac Div is not to […]

They run in the family 😉 Hey everyone, just a little update on my end. My next season schedule is almost set. There is only a few things i need to finalize. Today is the first day I went back to the pool. Did a mix of kicks, drills and swimming. I love being in […]

Transforming Initiative: knowing and living…

If “do not worry” [Matthew 6:25-34] is counted as part of the transforming initiative, it breaks our normal pattern, for it is a negative verb rather than an imperative;…And it fits with the vicious cycle just named: attempting the impossible by serving both God and mammon, one ends up in the condition of being anxious […]

Challenge of a life time…

Trying to jot down some thoughts……about the challenges of being a Christian. Mainly there is a lot of things which lately I’ve been discerning. And it is hard to describe. What does it mean to live a life to Christ? What does it mean to surrender oneself whole heartedly? What does it mean to let […]

Cheating sucks! Source: (http://www.everymantri.com/everyman_triathlon/2008/11/cheating-weasels-stories-of-shame-cheating-at-ironman-florida.html#more) The guy is carrying a pair of fins into the swim. This is not legal. Reading from the blogsphere, the guy ” dropped them in the water, exited and ran over the mat, and retrieved them when he entered for the second lap. The official said something to him, took his […]

Psalm 19

After scouring on the net, I found that the lyrics, ‘may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart…’ is actually from Psalm 19. This is one of the most beautiful Psalm I read. The Words flows right through me. I love the way David describes the skies and the nature speaks […]

End of a season. Two weeks after the marathon. How am I feeling? Pretty good. I went for two easy runs. The first run was a week ago and I was feeling that deep fatigue which I felt from Ironman. I guess my body is taking some time to recover from the marathon. I stayed […]

The ride…

It was a chilly ride. I rode down to the lake. It was windy. I can see the waves crashing among the rocks.I can hear the wind.Despite the multi-layer winter gears I donned on, I cannot say I am warm. Though I cannot not say I am freezing. I stood there by the lake. In […]

Talking to Him

There are things that cause me to sigh…There are things that I have no control…There are things which grip my heart… Last night I was reading My Heart-Christ’s Home by Robert Boyd Munger. It is a very simple book on surrendering one’s life to Christ. Munger used a house as an analogy to his heart. […]