Generation Issues


Once in a while, I see a post saying how the previous generations are much stronger in dealing with life issues than this generation. They were willing to “suck it up” and overcome life difficulties, while many of today’s generation are like strawberries (easily bruise).

Given the increased mental issues we see in the young generations today, it seems that statement is true. Or is it?

I disagree. In general, the generations before me dealt with issues are merely to suppress or deny them.

Take the family, for example. I’ve heard so many stories of relatives stop talking to each other because of family feuds. Divorce, run away spouse, drunkenness, violence, gambling, abuse, adultery, second wife (阿二). I can go on and on.

Of course, no one wants to talk about it. As Chinese, we have to keep face “畀面.” We don’t want to air our dirty underwear in public. At times, it is easier to just deny any issues and go on with life.

One thing I’ve learned as parents is that my kids will inherit issues from me. For example, if I ignore conflicts, my children will see that and take that to deal with conflict. What does this mean? The issues my previous generations don’t fix, I have to deal with it.

I am not writing this as a rant against the older generation. All of us come from dysfunctional families. Some are just more dysfunctional than others.

For me, that makes sense because none of us are ‘perfect’ and we are all fallen creatures in one way or another. And that’s ok. It is ok because we have a God who is a restorer. And in Him, He will be the one that restores me and my relationship within my family.

By Cliff

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