Tonight I drove to the YMCA for a swim.

As I was waiting for a spot, a van pulled up from behind and about to take it. I instinctively flashed my high beam light to indicate that it was my spot. I was here first and it was mine. He had no right to take my spot.
The van stopped. For 10 sec, it did nothing.
Then it pulled around and looked for another spot.
At that moment, I saw there was another parking spot a further away. I thought about what was I doing? Why was I so focus on taking this spot? A spot was a 15 meter away and I could have taken that one easily.
As I walked over to Y, I recognized the driver from the van. I run up behind him and asked if he was driving the van that I flashed. He nodded. I immediately apologize for my rude behavior.
You shall love your neighbour as yourself.
In the locker, I realized I forgot my goggles. So I had drive back home and picked them up.
Cannot help but to laugh and see that God do have a sense of humor in light of my lesson on humility.

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By Cliff

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