Sharing with kids how to be missional


Today, I had the pleasure of speaking in my church’s children worship.

It was the first time attending the service and I must admit it was quite a scene to see kids, the next generation, worshiping God.
I did a Q&A with my youth pastor. We talked about my experience with God. Talked about Open Doors. Talked about going out to Nathan Phillip Square and feeding those in need.
To be honest, I do not know how it go. Last night, I re-read this blog. Re-read a few posts. I prayed and just want to let the Holy Spirit lead.
A few things I hammer out was Jesus would go out for those who do not know Him. He would go after those who we will never hang out with because difference in social, economical and/or political status (Zecheus the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10), the Samaritan Woman at the well (John 4), the leper, the beggers). In fact, we might hate (repeat HATE) to hang out with because we are uncomfortable with those people. I say, it is unthinkable!
I told the kids we have to remind that all of us once are like that to God. Yet God still loves us. If we follow Jesus, we better do what He does.
I end off the Q&A challenging the kid, if they are in school, perhaps they should love those who they bully or pick up. If they are bully upon, they should love the bully. A sorta love your enemies (Matthew 5:43-48) in their context.
It ain’t hard. It is straightforward. But I can say it is very very uncomfortable. This is when I really focus on Jesus. He didn’t died on the cross for me because I am smart or I am a good guy. Because I once hated Him and rebel against Him (Romans 5:6).
One of the kids told me I had a great sermon. Praise the Lord. I am thankful that God can use my brokenness and pray that this will be a small step in helping them grow in Christ.
On a side note, next Sat, I am taking one of the kids out to downtown Toronto and share a meal with the needy….EXCITING!
By Cliff

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