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Clearing out the dark days

Fifth Week – 19th day trainingTempo RunDrink: 750 ml Gatorade + 500 ml water + 500 ml protien milk shake (after run)Gel: 1 during runWeight before: 149 lbWeight after: 149 lbDistance: 15 kmIntensity: 1/3 Light 1/3 Medium 1/3 HardTime Started: 6:24 pmTime Ended: 8 pm??Duration: 1 hr 36 min (96 min)Weather: Light wind with the […]

A turning point.

I posted this on Running Room forum. I am more positive that I can make the 42 km run. 🙂 Let’s the training begin. I just map out a 15 km route around my area. It goes down Credit River and goes to Dundas and back up. Will give it a try today after work.On […]


I was just looking over my training schedule. I think I am overtraining myself. This would explain my struggle on Sunday doing 30 km. My body wasn’t ready for it. My first week I was doing 50 km a week. This week I should be doing 83.5 km a week. That’s a lot to increase […]

When training and diet become a burden. As much as I enjoy training. As much as I enjoy keeping a strict diet. There are times where both become more of a burden. How do I now when they become a burden? Well, whe the first feeling I feel when I think about my next run […]

Third Week – 14th day trainingSemi Progressive RunWeight before: 145.5 lbsWeight after: 140 lbsDrink: 750 ml waterDistance: 12 km (walked last 900 m)Intensity: First 1/3 light, mid 1/3 medium, last 1/3 highTime started: 7:30 pmTime ended: 9:00 pmDuration: 1 hr 30 min (90 min)Weather: Hot and smoggy (30 degrees)Left knee some pain. Both quad are […]

Third Week – 13th day trainingFun runWeight before: 145 lbsWeight after: 145 lbsDrink: 600 ml water + 750 ml protien milk shake (10 mg protien)Distance: 6.5 km + 500 m walkIntensity: MediumTime started: 6:30 pmDuration: 45 min?Weather: Hot and light wind (33 degrees) Left knee some pain, right quad stiff. Tried to jog with a […]

Second Week – 12th day trainingBikeWeight before: 144 lbsWeight after: 143 lbsDrink: 750 ml Gatorade + 750 ml protien milk shake (10 mg of protien)Distance: 40 km (mix of flats and hills)Intensity: Medium – HightTime started: 3:30 pmDuration: 1 hr 35 min (95 min)Weather: Hot and windy (29 degrees) Went biking with Chris. I followed […]

A change of direction, a change of pace. Two events happened today. I talked to Ed. He started raving about how everyone on the net can lie and don’t know what they are talking about. At first, I took it very offensive as the running room forum (http://www.runningroom.com/discussion/) have runners who have trained and ran […]

Second Week – 11th day trainingLong RunWeight before: 144 lbsWeight after: 144 lbsDrink: 650 ml water + 650 GatoradeDistance: 18 km + 800 m walkIntensity: Slow – MediumTime Started: 6:45 amDuration: 2 hrWeather: Cool and sunny (22 degrees) I woke up late and rush out. I didn’t ate breakfast and only had a Clif Bar. […]

Second week – 10th day trainingMedium runWeight before: 145 lbWeight after: 145 lbDrink: 750 mL GatoradeDistance: 9.5 km + 500 m walkIntensity: Medium – FastTime Started: 7:25 amDuration: 1 hrWeather: Cool and sunny (20 degrees) Good morning run. Nice cool weather. Back spine some pain 35 min into the run. Stop for 2 min to […]