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A thought.. Was bouncing an email to my friend and this is just a snip bit: This is where I take training as serious as school..and i love this analogy..a lot of ppl i know dont understand why i am not hanging out with them b/c i need to train….they see training is like, “Oh […]

Last night’s MSN Chat… Cliff : I am close to smelling like chlorine There is one blogger who said his wife hates it when he smells like cholrine.. Len(2) : You need to use a different shower soap, then 🙂Cliff : I have to reach to that stage Cliff : When girls (and guys) runs […]

A date It wasn’t what I expected. I rush back home figuring I can spend an hour on the trainer before Fellowship (yup, Susan, Wylee, Al Carter, sarah, I choose iii). Rushing back home, I have the same nervousness as I was asking a girl out. I got home, grabbed my shorts, put on my […]

Trainer question…and decisions.. I have a few question about bike trainer. I bought a Cyclo Ops Fluid II from a friend on Sunday. Tonight I put my bike on. My friend told me the trainer is missing a rear axle thingy. It was attached on his old bike and it got stolen (sucks). I have […]