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Ironman Reflection: Going all out and faith


To some it might sound crazy.  The biggest ‘enjoyment‘ I get from Ironman, marathon and any type of you-have-to-run-how-long races…the longer endurance events is that in each of the race there is a pivotal point where I have to make a decision to go all out. There is much joy in that.  At this point, it is always, always the most trying.  The point where the body...



I help lead my congregation’s Wednesday Prayer Meeting. Recently, I gather different prayer request from different people…. Here’s one particularly touching: I am doing as usual. After 3 deadly treatment, doctor ordered not to continue because CT scan showed that the chemical didn’t work on my tumors, it will do more harm than treated. I had a lot of side effects but now...

Ping Pong….


I like Krish’s philosphy.  Before winning first comes having fun.  Then after having fun, you need to have passion.  After passion, you need to fight.  After fighting, you can win.  The simplicity of a ten year old.

PONG from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Belonging and Community


Recent events brought back memories a few years ago.  These memories are painful reminders. They are key points on my definition of a Christian community (or the Church). This memory is similar to the post, Fall Short. I can still remember those times in Junior High and Highschool when I do dumb things to feel like I belong.  I remembered in Grade 9 I stole somoene’s...

Why are you a Christian?


Perhaps, if there is no better question than this, is the question why do I called myself a Christian? Christian means to follow Jesus Christ. Tonight, I have a class on Worldview Spirituality.  We have to finish reading the book, Humble Apologetics. [Almost done!] Reading this book bring back some painful memories of times when I try and force the Gospel into my friends. It also bring back...



Apologetics by Rich Carl A pologist strode forth one day in search of dragons for to slay, his sword like diamond hard and clear; thus armed with truth he had no fear. the heathen dragons he did find and left a bloody trail behind and those who died not by his blade soon cursed the day it had been made. the pologist then met a man who led a dragon by the hand. “slay not this...



A bit quiet on this blog. A few thoughts were rolling off my head.  Particularly ‘helping’ the poor. I am looking it from a Biblical point of view.  Trying not to infuse my ideas into the Bible but rather let the Scripture speaks itself as to helping those less fortunate. There are a few passages off my head which I can easily show the character of God, mercy, compassion...

Seek First His Kingdom


I am taking the course Worldview Spirituality at McMaster Divinity College (Mac Div) for this term. I went to my first class on Monday. The prof ended the class with an illustration using a jar, sand and rocks. He first showed the empty jar and told us that the jar represent the times we have. Everyone is fair in this area in that we all have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He then poured the...

Best Friend’s Wedding


Yesterday I had the privilege, honor and the joy of being a part of my best friend’s wedding.  I know Daniel since Grade 9.  I can still remember the first time I met him.  We were in math class and we stay in a group of four.  That’s when I first met Daniel. We started to hang out more and more as we had same classes.  We were always joking and chatting...



At his best friend’s wedding….simply awesome to see his friends getting wed!!
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