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Running barefoot? Training has been going fairly well. Been pretty busy lately. Getting things ready for the transplant games. Hospital lost some of my blood work data and I have to redo my blood work again. Little stuff. Anyways, last week I was doing my strides. I was thinking and feeling how awesome running barefoot […]

The Filth of Human Hands

A email I sent to a friend….it is actually based on a blog posted at Challies.com …http://www.challies.com/archives/christian-living/the-filth-of-human-hands.php Uzzah was touched the ark of the covenant before it falls. God struck him down instantly. The author quoted…Consider now the story of Uzzah. The ark of the covenant was being carried in a cart. This was not […]

When push comes to shove

A while back when I first going to church and fellowship, I had a beer over two friends. One of them was particular close as I know him since grade 4. Bonds like that are rare. We were all working for a number of years and we discuss our ethics and attitudes toward work. The […]

Checking in… Hey all, A week come and gone. I want to say thanks for everyone’s post about my pinky toe. After a lot of icing and some ibuprofen, by Monday I was out and about. My running legs are coming back. On the other hand, in the past few days, I have been waking […]

Who Is In Control…

A post from Challies.com on technology. I ponder about the same thing. Technology can keep us busy. This busy-ness can also take control of our lives. As I am getting more wired to the world, I also realize the need to de-wired. For me, there are certain run or bike ride where I go with […]

Something’s missing

I have been in numerous conversations with other brothers and sisters in Christ. With my random thoughts, everything under sun is discussed and ideas bounce around. Talk about relationships, fellowship (fellowship…and more fellowship), Bible study, theology, programs… I feel there is something missing. I can’t put my hands on it but I can feel there […]

Article: Why Men Matter in Church

Picked this up from Boundless line. “I have read that if a child comes to Christ, 12% of the time the whole family will follow,” Sawyers says. “If the mom comes, there’s a 15% chance the family will. But if the man comes to church, 90% of the time the family will come along behind.” […]

Good talk

A gmail chat with a friend (with his permission)…I try to keep the log original as possible. As such, it might be hard to read. —– Friend: well, it’s an interesting phenomenon in the western culture. me: he was saying…..yapping about theology..might not be useful..as at the end there might be more confusionand divides ppl..u […]

Rain Delays

It is 11 at night and lightning is rolling through the sky. It was pouring earlier…. I was listening to this song on the way back home….the more indifferent we try to be..the more similair we are. We all need grace. We all need to believe in something. Yet, where we search are often in […]

Triathlon = longevity? Hey all, this aint’ base on a science report. This is just my own experience of the past three years as I entered into the world of multisports. Back then, I would eat without a care of the world. Now, I become cautious on what I eat. Not that I am over […]